COVID 19 Update: We will stay Open, even in a Lockdown!!

Information Technology is on the government's 16 industries that should stay open even if we go into lockdown.
We are committed to supporting all the people that will now need remote access to work and school,
and their computers running properly to work remotely. We can do remote support which is the best option,
but if something is really broken, pull up out front and call, but stay in your car.
Leave your computer in the trunk, and a tech will come out with gloves to bring it in for repair
after wiping down with disinfecting wipes. We will wipe it down again before returning
it to you following the same process. No cash please, credit cards over the phone only!!

Get it Fixed!


Qwerty Computers

Qwerty Computers is a computer repair shop in Bradenton Florida. Located at the corner of State Road 70 and Caruso Road. We offer walk–in and onsite service for desktops and laptops. We have in–house repair techs than can handle everything from virus infections to soldering broken power connectors. Bring your computer in, and get that problem fixed!!

Do you need skilled support for business systems? Contact our sister company Advanced Technology Services & Support.

Qwerty Computer Repair Services offered:

Complete PC Repair

We will diagnose the issue, and then tell you what it costs to repair–and our diagnostic fee is applied to the repair, often completely covering the service charge!!

Power Connector Repair

Broken power connectors are a very common issue for laptop users, we can re–solder connections, or replace broken connectors for less than half of what the manufacturers charge–and you don't have to send your laptop to California!!

New Computer Setup

We go through all the arduous first–time setup questions and updates for you, and remove junk programs your computer came with. You get a smooth–running new computer that is ready to be used.

Virus Removal

We will get it out–all the way, the first time–guaranteed!

Data Migration

Got a new computer, and need your data transferred? We can pull over your documents, downloads, desktop, and even your emails to the new computer.

Operating System Upgrades

Got a decent computer running Windows7? Make sure you will still get security updates by upgrading it to Windows 10. This is $75 for most computers.

Solid State Upgrades

Have you done your computer a solid yet? SSD drives became feasible a few years ago, but still do not come as standard equipment in many new computers.  SSDs are stunningly fast--we mean 14x faster on AVERAGE, and up to 40x faster on certain functions--If you have a Mac or PC less than 6 years old, and want it to run lightning fast, bring it in today!! Satisfaction GUARANTEED.

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